Benefits to Schools Who Order with ExpressTees

FREE Artwork

Get FREE artwork when confirming your order with payment information (we accept PO’s). In the event you do not use ExpressTees, but have received artwork from us, you will incur hourly design fees ($50 per hour).

Credit and Purchase Orders Accepted

We accept personal and business checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, American Express and Purchase Orders (P.O.’s).

FREE Screen Charges and Film

When we produce your school wide T-Shirt design in up to three colors, you will have no art or screen charges. If you need garments for smaller clubs, organizations, special events or if you need more colors, we provide reduced school prices for you. Our art department has an incredible mascot library and we have artists on hand to create the masterpiece that is to become your new school shirts.

NO Hidden Charges

That’s right. No hidden charges. Some companies will have one price for the shirt, one price for the imprint, and still others that when you add all the charges up, you can be left with something quite expensive. In everything that we do we like to be totally up front and clear. If you don’t understand something, ask. When you work with ExpressTees, all of your prices are up front and easy to understand.

ExpressTees works with schools from coast to coast. We know school T-Shirts! Over the past decade we have worked with hundreds of schools to finely tune their school sportswear programs.

Our goal is to maximize the results while minimizing the volunteer effort required by you. Let’s face it; sometimes the parent leader who is volunteered for the T-Shirt sale missed the meeting!

We specialize in providing school spirit wear, PE and casual polo uniforms, and even sports apparel, travel bags and imprinted trinkets. If it’s printed, we can help. Our outstanding art department, top quality production, competitive prices and fast service will make us your first choice for school wear.

State of the art equipment and talented team members let us work together to transform your ideas or sketches into completed garments with amazing speed and efficiency. Attention to detail, quality control procedures, and the fact that we actually care about your orders, guarantees you receive the best T-Shirts or garments possible.

Reward your hard working teachers with some school spirit!

FREE Teacher Incentives

Teachers are always helping with classroom projects and school events, now we have a simple and easy way to reward them for all their help. Best of all, once a year it’s FREE!

As part of our Sales Booster program, when you have a new all school T-Shirt Logo and conduct a full scale school-wide sale, every teacher who assists and collects either an order or an order form gets a FREE school Tote Bag. The Tote Bag is custom screen-printed with the same logo we print on your school t-shirts, it’s perfect for holding all those school papers and carting things around.

Printed with your school logo, these top quality tote bags are provided free of charge to use as part of our Classroom Teacher incentive program. We provide all of the collection envelopes, order forms and our unique order tally system. All the classroom teachers need to do is pass the information out and collect the orders.

FREE Sales forms & Collection Envelopes

Schools are always sending out handouts and flyers for numerous events, programs and activities. We have taken the best of all our school programs and created a simple, easy to understand order form you can use to make your sale successful. Flyers we produce as part of our Sales Booster Program include copy of the logo, size information, deadlines and price information. Combined with our classroom collection envelopes, this simple program takes the extra work out of your sale.

No need to run around typing, cutting, pasting and wondering if you have everything. Our simple form has all of the key information and best of all, It’s FREE. We will even duplicate the flyers at NO CHARGE.

ExpressTees takes advantage of our fully integrated systems and ability to produce these products in house. If time is running short and you don’t have time for us to ship the flyers to you, we can always send a computer file via E mail you can duplicate locally.