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Custom Screen Printing and Embroidery
Stanton, CA Southern California

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Professional. Excellence. Timeliness.

At Express Tees we bring to you over 35 years in providing high quality products and services to our customers. With state of the art equipment and talented team members, transforming your ideas or sketches into completed garments will be done with amazing speed and efficiency. Attention to detail, quality control procedures, and the fact we actually care about your orders guarantees you receive the best T-Shirts or garments possible.

The philosophy of ExpressTees is simple; customers are more than numbers…they are long-lasting and valuable relationships. They start off as customers and turn into friends. Customers use us to create pride, promote themselves, to express their affinity, or to show support. ExpressTees values the long-term relationships we have cultivated over the years with our customers.


Apparel Catalogs 2022/2023

Express Tees uses numerous brands and distributors all over the United States.  Listed below are two of our main suppliers. Click on the catalog for a PDF view, or search the online link.  With the supply chain challenges, please check with us for availability in the styles and colors you want.  

2022 ab Essential_Apparel.jpg
Essential Branded Apparel
Apparel Bags and Caps - 2022.jpg

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Click on pictures to download catalogs

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Prime Line Gift Guide
2022d Teamwear_maxWidth_1600_maxHeight_1600_page_0.jpg
Team 365

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